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Dragon Blood

Dragon Blood, also known as Dragon Stone or Dragon Blood Jasper, belongs to the quartz family (chalcedony) and it is a combination of Epidote and Piedmontite. It is not technically a Jasper, apart from its aspect. The gemstone has a vibrant pattern with deep red matrix colors combined with a forest green hues. Dragon Blood should never be confused with Bloodstone, which is an entirely distinct stone, with the red resin of some plants, nor with Cinnabar (which is Mercury Sulphide and highly poisonous, also sometimes named Dragon Stone). Dragon Blood is found in South Africa and Australia.


Dragon Blood is most often found in metamorphic rocks like marble and granite.


Dragon blood is opaque, with no luminescence and a hardness of 6-7 on Mohs scale. It is a combination of two closely related minerals of sorosilcate group, green epidote and red piedmontite. Sorosilcates family share a single oxygen molecule between two tetrahedral groups. The most common sorosilcate is epidote. Dragon Blood are all natural stones that have been tumbled, cut, and polished.


Personal power. Element: Fire.


Legends claim that Dragon Blood Jasper stones are the fossilized remains of ancient dragons (red blood and green skin)

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