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Rain Forest Jasper

A molten flow of magma about 120 million years ago created Rain Forest Jasper near Queensland, Australia. A thick, rhyolitic magma erupted from deep within the volcano and settled down through a layer of lighter magma. During the cool-down process as it sank to the bottom, spherical and phenocryst crystalline structures formed. A Rhyolite that contains quartz and feldspar orbs or nodules is the end product of this rare occurrence.  Rain Forest Jasper takes its name from the stunning green, red, brown, yellow, creams, and orange colors that evoke the scene of a rain forest. This mineral is also called Rain Forest Rhyolite, Spherulitic Rhyolite, Rhyolite, Orbicular Jasper and Marine Agate.  The Rain Forest Jasper stone name is more specific than Rhyolite, even though it doesn’t have any relation to a rain forest apart from name.


The only place where rainforest jasper is mined is Mt Hay, 38 km west of Rockhampton in Central Queensland. Commercial mining began in the late 1960s. It is estimated that Mt Hay’s Rhyolites date back 120 million years and can be found in varying shades of green, brown, red, and cream.


Color variety and mineral content of Rhyolite make it a unique gemstone. Several nodules and orbs cover the surface of this stone. They contain quartz and feldspar. It is an opaque stone, with a hardness of 6.5-7 on Mohs scale. The yellowish Rhyolite that comes from Mexico and the USA is quite different from the Rainforest Jasper, although they are often quite similar looking.


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