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The sunny Sunstone is a plagioclase feldspar that appears speckled under certain lighting conditions. Usually, the glitter effect is caused by the mineral inclusions of Hematite, Ilmenite, Pyrite or Goethite (or in rare instances, Copper). It can be found in Norway, Sweden, Australia, Canada, China, Congo, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania. There is a significant quantity of excellent, gem quality Sunstone found in Warner Valley, Oregon, United States.


Phenocrysts of sunstone are formed in molten lava and brought to surface in a volcanic eruption. They can be found within basalt, both in the weathering zone above the basalt flows and in the basalt itself.


Sunstone is also called “aventurescent feldspar” based on its aventurescence properties (“aventurescence” is the characteristic of producing bright flashes of light when viewed from certain angles). While other rocks are heated, irradiated, or colored to improve the appearance, Sunstone always remains completely natural and it is absolutely stunning as such.


Leadership, Benevolence. Element: Fire.


Native American legends claim the blood of an arrow-wounded warrior fell onto some pieces of Sunstone from Oregon. Through his blood, his warrior spirit entered the stones, giving them their sacred power and red coloring.

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