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Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz is clear quartz with thin rods of black tourmaline (Schorl) randomly intersecting inside it. It is an unusual and striking combination. Most of it comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Schorl is black tourmaline. In contrast to other forms of Tourmaline that may be black, Schorl is exclusively black and opaque. It is one of the most common forms of tourmaline. It forms beautiful crystals and may be highly lustrous, making it among the most attractive black minerals. When for environmental reasons it forms in tiny needles within Quartz crystals, it is known as Tourmalinated Quartz.


Their unique appearance has long been appreciated by collectors. This distinctive type of quartz can be from milky white to crystal clear with few fine threads of tourmaline to completely black.


Purification, recovery. Element: Storm


Shamanic tribes in Africa and Native Americans have long used black tourmaline. This stone was used as a shield against negative spells by Native Americans. Like Black Tourmaline, quartz was also used to dispel negativity. In ancient Greece, it was called Krystallos, which means eternally frozen ice. 

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